Fitzgerald’s Position: Don’t Debate, Send a Postcard

Brookfield, WI – Republican Scott Fitzgerald[1] sent out a mailer to Fifth District voters recently, outlining some of his positions. The problem is he had to lie about the Democratic positions to make his point. In the election, his opponent, Tom Palzewicz[2], would welcome the opportunity to call him out on these lies and debate the issues.

Fitzgerald begins by attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi[3], a favorite target for President Donald Trump[4]. His claims do not match with Palzewicz’s stated positions:

Fitzgerald claims Democrats will:

  1. Defund the police. Palzewicz does not favor defunding police, but does advocate for training and changing the policing strategies in places where racial injustice has led to public outcry. Palzewicz is very much in support of law enforcement.
  2. Eliminate Medicare as we know it. Palzewicz and the Democrats want to bolster Medicare, expand it, to provide healthcare coverage to all Americans. Republicans would like to kill the Affordable Care Act, which would effectively end coverage over 20 million. Fitzgerald’s assertion is false.
  3. Punish job creators and jeopardize our recovery.  Palzewicz is a small business owner and advocates strongly for job creation and growth. He helped create more than 2,000 jobs in southeastern Wisconsin. Moreover, he sees an opportunity for massive job expansion by leveling the playing field for businesses in Wisconsin.

Tom Palzewicz believes politicians should be elected on their ideas and re-elected on their results. Palzewicz is an open book on his policies, beliefs, and vision for the Fifth District. Fitzgerald, riding on the coattails of Jim Sensenbrenner[5], will not debate and wants to use his power as Senate Majority Leader to coast his way to Washington without ever having to face his opponent or the voters.

“Democracy is all about the people and hearing their ideas and thoughts,” said Palzewicz. “I challenge Mr. Fitzgerald to come out of hiding and face Fifth District voters and not just lie about our positions. Leave the lies to Donald Trump.”

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